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Whether building new or renovating your existing property, you might want to start thinking ahead about your interior design. We from Klaas would like to share some insights on creating an interior that complements your personality and contemporary trends.

To find the right interior designer for your space, you need to first look for one whose visual aesthetics you admire and with whom you can be involved in the decision-making process so that your personality is reflected in the results.

At Klaas we listen to your ideas and give you mood boards, examples for you to have a better idea or to have better visualise the outcome of the project.

We have been creating beautiful interiors since 2000 and love nothing more than working with you and collaborating on the interior design of your home. The main focus is to guide you through creating a home with unique interior spaces that reflect your individuality, a home that you can live in and relax in.

We are constantly evolving. Our style is based on clean contemporary lines and contrasting natural textures – created to be practical for purpose as well as visually pleasing. We strive to stay ahead of the game with material finishes and separate the trends and materials before they become mainstream.

Well-considered design concepts are presented in a variety of formats and illustrate the absolute passion and joy we have for all things interior, whether this is in the form of mood boards, colour boards, CAD drawings, rendered images or the architectural scale models that we create. Until you see what’s possible, it’s often hard for consumers to visualise the design and interior layout.

In addition to providing visuals for the design concept, Klaas Design & Build works with each client to research materials and creates an impeccably detailed schedule of finishes, including hard and soft furnishings, lighting design and electrical fittings, appliances, bathroom fittings and tapware.

In bringing our vision to life, we encourages our clients to be bold. An idea that seems impactful may not be as risky as you think it’s going to be, whether it’s in relation to an innovative splashback or a textured bathroom tile or an unusual but beautiful light fitting.

We at Klaas have a diverse portfolio of completed projects, including private residences, recent year award winners, and show homes. Get a free consultation from us today at Klaas.